Create Red Hat Account and Activate the Subscription

Hello everyone, in this video, I am going to show you how you can create an account on and activate your subscription, that’s free

Create Red Hat Account and Activate Subscription

Going to

Click on login and then register now

Select personal as the account type

Write your preferred username

Write your password

Write it again

Here you must write your personal information,

Select your country and give the address,

Click on create my account

If you don’t receive the confirmation email click on resend confirmation email and wait for a second, also check your junk folder

Click on the link in your email

Ok , my email address confirmed

Going to manage account

That is your account summary

Click on the user profile then subscription

You can  subscriptions and registered systems here

As you see we don’t have any subscriptions here

Going to

Click on login,

After you check the agreements you got free subscriptions

Click on submit

Check the mailbox to activate your subscription

Come back to subscription management and refresh the page

Okay, our free subscription was activated successfully

I will register my RedHat server and assign these subscriptions to that

Again, here is a summary of my subscriptions and registered servers

Connect to the server via putty

Use subscription-manager with the register option

Write the login information

We got the error, I am going to solve this

From the user profile section click on account details

Click on logins and password,

You can see redhat login here,

Again register the server but this time instead of the email I use my RedHat login username

That’s great, server registered

Check what happened in the subscriptions

At the system, we can see one virtual machine, click on view all systems

My server registered and appeared here , click on the hostname of the server

The server is registered but it does not have any subscription

Click on subscriptions

Use run auto-attach to automatically assign subscriptions to this registered server

Also, you can see the status that shows us properly subscribed

I am trying to check the subscription status from the server with subscription-manager with the list option

Try to install some package

We got the error because our repositories are not activated, to refresh repositories and list them use subscription-manager with repos option

Try to install the package again

That is installed

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