vSphere ESXi 8.0 Installation and Configuration

Hello everyone, today I am going to show you how can install and configure ESXi 8 , as you know this version was released some days ago. you can watch the video or continue to read this document.

vSphere ESXi 8.0 Installation and Configuration

At the first I am connecting to the server console via ILO  , then mount ESXi installer to the server, select VMware ESXi 8 iso file then click on open

Now turn on the server

Waiting for some minutes to server comes up

Press f11 to select boot option of server

Select Ilo virtual USB DVD drive then press enter

Waiting for some minutes to load the installer files

Press enter

Press F11 to accept

Select the location of ESXi files, I use USB disk as the installation destination

Press enter

Because I installed ESXi 7 on this USB it shows us to upgrade or install the new version of ESXi , I select install

Set your root password

Because my CPU and server are not compatible with this version of ESXi I got the warning, I know this and this is not a problem for me at this time, press enter

This warning shows us that the selected destination will be formatted, some minutes ago I selected USB disk as a destination

Ok , that’s done

Before restart the server unmount the ESXi installer iso from the console

Now that is the time to set the ip addresses of esxi host

Press F2 then enter the root password

In this menu select configure management network then press enter

Press enter on the network adapters

Select the connected network adapters by pressing the space on the adapter


Because I used a management VLAN I have to set the VLAN , if your environment is not secure enough you can skip this option

Going to ipv4 configuration and select set static ipv4

Enter the ip address

Press enter

Use escape to exit and press y to save the changes

Ok , ESXi host IP address appears here

Now it is time to login from the web interface

Enter username and password and login to ESXi version 8

Wow , that’s beautiful

I think get vcenter server  does not exist in version 7

Check the host management options

Let me check other menus

I have never seen get ssh for chrome before, let me check what is it

It redirected me to the chrome extension center, install the extension

Try it again

Wow , that’s great

I got the connection refused error, may be because our ssh service is not running

Start ssh service

Try it again

Wow , I think that is useful

Another new option is about the warning, I click on the action problematic section highlighted

Check other sections of new version

I am adding iscsi interface to check what is difference in the new version

I am checking my iscsi IP addresses on another display

Enable software iscsi

Add the target of iscsi

Let me check what is the problem,

Oh I got it, I have to add a dynamic target instead of static

Write the IP address of the storage

Let me check why I can not see the LUNs

I forgot to add the iscsi VLAN on the connected ports on the backbone

Ok , iscsi disk appears here but to access the LUNs I have to approve this host on the storage

As you can see I am waiting to approve the host on the storage

Ok , refresh and all LUNS appears here

Let’s check the virtual machine create wizard

The performance monitor is the same as the old version

Ok that’s it , I hope you enjoy this video, I will record another video about installing vcenter version 8 , if you subscribe to my channel you can view it some days later. Also I will upload the ESXi installer to my website, you can find the link in the comments. Don’t forget to like the videos and ask your questions in the comments