Reset Password for HP storage

Hello everyone. In this video I will show how you can reset your HP storage password. With this method, you can reset any type of HP storage password.

Reset Password for HP storage

First, you must connect your laptop or PC to the storage via console cable. In some versions, the console cable is the USB, then using putty or another application to connect to the storage

Second, you have to determine the console connection COM number.  To do this after connecting your laptop or PC open device manager from this list open ports and as you can see, my usb com port number is 5, it can be different in your environment

Come back to the putty and select the serial, write com5 and click on the open

We use default built-in user as restoredefaults to reset storage password

The password is our storage serial number 

After entering the password, wait for some minutes to perform the action.

OK, Storage SP unit restarted, try to reconnect 

Now at this time, I will login with the default factory username and password. Username is manage, password is !manage.

We had to wait some minutes for the SP units to sync the configuration. 

ok, with a set password command, we can set the password for the manage user.

Default username : manage

Default password : !manage

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