Reset FortiGate Password

Hello every one , in this video I am going to reset lost password of my fortigate firewall. there is some important things you have to know before resetting your password. First one you can not reset your password remotely , this means you can reset your password just by using console cable and connect your laptop or pc to the firewall. Second one if you want to reset you fortigate password you have to restart your firewall because to reset password we have to use maintainer account and this account is active just for 20 second after system boot up,

1. Identify the Appropriate FortiGate Model:

  • The first step is to identify the specific model of your FortiGate device. This information is typically found on a label or sticker on the device itself or in your network documentation. Knowing the model is important because the procedure may vary slightly between models.

2. Gather the Necessary Tools and Information:

  • Before you begin the password reset process, gather the following items:
    • Physical access to the FortiGate device.
    • A console cable: This is usually an RJ45 to serial cable that connects to the FortiGate’s console port.
    • A computer with terminal emulation software: You’ll need a computer with terminal emulation software installed, such as PuTTY (Windows) or Terminal (macOS/Linux).

3. Connect to the FortiGate Device:

  • Physically connect one end of the console cable to the FortiGate’s console port and the other end to your computer’s serial port or a USB-to-serial adapter.
  • Open your terminal emulation software and configure it to use the appropriate COM port (for Windows) or /dev/ttySx (for Linux) at the correct baud rate (usually 9600 baud).

4. Reboot the FortiGate Device:

  • Physically power cycle the FortiGate device. You can do this by unplugging the power cable and then plugging it back in or using the power button, depending on your FortiGate model.

5. Interrupt the Boot Sequence:

  • During the boot process, you’ll see the FortiGate logo and boot messages appearing in your terminal window. Quickly press “Ctrl + Break” or “Ctrl + C” to interrupt the boot sequence. This action will take you to the FortiGate bootloader menu.

6. Access the Bootloader:

  • Once you’re in the bootloader menu, you can enter configuration mode. To do this, type “conf” and press Enter. This command puts you in configuration mode within the bootloader environment.

7. Reset the Password:

  • Within the configuration mode, you can reset the password for an admin account. The commands may vary depending on your FortiGate model and firmware version, but here is a general example:arduinoCopy codeconfig system admin edit <admin-username> set password <new-password> next end Replace <admin-username> with the actual admin username and <new-password> with the desired new password.

8. Reboot the FortiGate Device:

  • After successfully setting the new password, exit the configuration mode by typing “end” and press Enter. Then, reboot the FortiGate device by typing “reboot” and pressing Enter.

9. Test the New Password:

  • Once the FortiGate device has rebooted, use the new password to log in to the FortiGate’s web interface or command-line interface (CLI). Ensure that the password change has taken effect.